Indecently attractive Green real estate investment 2020 in Georgia

It’s not a secret that energy efficient and green construction is undebatably more preferable than standard codes. However, it is still a very young and small trend.

With this, it grows very fast. A report by Navigant Research shows that worldwide revenue from EE Buildings is expected to grow from $629 million annually in 2014 to more than $1.4 trillion in 2035.

It is simply – the future.

So, why buy a new home that is already outdated when you can buy a new home with the latest advanced building, mechanical, and appliance technologies?

15 top features which REDIS uses to makes the building green and high tech:

  1. High-Efficiency Window
  2. Energy Saving Window Framing
  3. Energy Saving SIP Wall/Roof Thermal Buffer
  4. High-Efficiency Insulation
  5. Energy Saving SIP Wall/Roof Thermal Buffer
  6. Advanced Ductless Heat Pump Technology
  7. Advanced Water Heating Technology
  8. Free Hot Water Solar System
  9. Advanced Appliance Technology
  10. Advanced Lighting Technology
  11. Optimized Air Flow Comfort Delivery
  12. Premium-Installed Draft Barrier
  13. Comfort vents and fresh air systems
  14. Energy Saving Sun Control Layer
  15. Solar Technology

Just imagine that with this magic, a property that is so well built is going to be peaceful and quiet inside, even in noisy urban environments. You can rely on this home to provide a blanket of comfort for your family or guests throughout the year. No drafts and no more cold toes!

On top of that, saving energy will significantly reflect on your income in case you are investing for rental income – from 30-70% in saving. And what is also essential is that EE projects protect you from often increase for utility costs.

Historically Green properties have high numbers as a resell advantage, and it equals 9-23,5% higher per m2 and stays on the market undemanded from 30% shorter time.

We know that 71% of Europeans prefer green housing to standard codes.

So, if to speak specifically about the Georgia region, then it doesn’t have organized competition at this stage, and we all hope the situation will change.

At the same time, it does mean that REDIS projects will have a considerable advantage in all financial and investment meanings. And even with this trend will start to grow fast today.

In essence, it will take 15-20 years to develop a sufficient amount of m2 of such construction before we can use the phrase “we have a wide selection of green projects in Georgia.”

All the above invests in REDIS’s durable, efficient, healthy, and luxury projects – wise, safe, and balanced decisions.

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