Does it cost too much to invest in high tech real estate?

Even though the energy-efficient, high-performance features of a Green construction are slightly more expensive, there is a way to lean the cost to a very comfortable level. And precisely for this purpose, you have a CLOUD program at REDIS.

Eco friendly glass building with vertical garden in modern city. Green plant and tree forest and ivy on facade on sustainable building. Energy saving architecture with vertical garden. Modern design.

REDIS’s team years of experience in real estate development disposed few aspects, which will save time and money for the investor if the developer wisely manages finances.

What REDIS does is shrinks expenses for the 1st 6-12 months to a very minimum. It makes only 100% necessary steps in planning. Simply this is what saves you money and allows you to invest small in a High Tech plus merely luxury.

Then construction begins once it’s 100% capitalized. In essence, this is what makes the process super-fast, reliable, sustainable, and can deliver earlier than expected.

Doing so will help ensure that green projects are both affordable and cost comparable to similar objects built to code. Even when EE Green projects cost to develop more than comparable standard buildings – they will cost less to own. The high tech overhead will be cut with the CLOUD program and strong positive REDIS’s intention to build friendly to the environment, peaceful, quiet, and comfortable properties for people.

If you can afford a new home, you can afford a EE Green investment property and home in Georgia and Batumi.

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