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The first tourists arrived in Georgia in the second millennium BC. The first tour leader was the legendary Jason, who sailed to Colchis with his Argonauts behind the Golden Fleece. From here the cultural tourism in Georgia led its chronicle.

The Georgian flag was originally a banner of the medieval Kingdom of Georgia

Given the specifics of that time, of course. Over the past three millennia, the number of tourist sites required to visit has grown significantly. Tourists from all over the world love to admire the monuments of architecture of the early Christianity in Bolnisi and Dmanisi.

This is a mysterious journey into the history of ancient Georgia, the time of the emergence of Christianity in the Caucasus and the formation of the Georgian language. Georgia has always attracted guests with its natural beauties, ancient culture and excellent cuisine.

Tourism in Georgia today

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is straight from the pages of a fairytale.

Tourism in Georgia has received a new impetus in recent years when significant investments were made in the development of tourism infrastructure: roads, hotels, restaurants, updating and modernization of pebble beaches and medical resorts of the Black Sea coast and in the last 2 years the state focusing on developing conditions for mountain tourism. What can we say – entire cities have been updated, including the sea capital of the rest of Batumi and the city of lovers Sighnaghi. Updated Georgia is turning into a favorite point on the map for tourists and travelers from all over the world.

For over 10 years, Georgia has been one of the safest countries in the world. The Georgian state actively supports and makes decisions in order to make the experience of tourists even safer, captivating and easy. The same thing happens in the economic sector – low taxes, the simplicity of the investment procedure for foreigners and lots of opportunities.

It has been very popular in the past few years to spend the New Year holidays in Georgia, when the cities are decorated in anticipation of Christmas, and the rooms in ski resorts at an altitude of 2000-3006 meters have been booked by winter holiday connoisseurs almost since the summer. A trip by car along the serpentine of the snowy Georgian Military Road and dizzy ski slopes above the clouds will turn into a memorable event forever.

The flow of tourists to the ancient capital of the Georgian kingdom, the city of Mtskheta, which surprisingly combines the beauty and grandeur of the ancient cathedrals of the XI century and the charm of a modern tourist center, does not dry out.

A blend of nationalities with a common tradition

A multicultural gathering in a traditional Georgian Supra

Each village, each city of Georgia is famous for its ancient monuments, unforgettable landscapes, original local traditions, recipes and wines, of course! Therefore, road signs in Georgia often resemble a wine list. Especially in the Alazani Valley in Kakheti, the world-recognized center of winemaking. There, for thousands of years grapes have been grown and many varieties of wines are named according to the area of its production: Akhasheni, Vazisubani, Gurjaani, Kardenakhi, Kakheti, Kvareli, Kindzmarauli, Kotekhi, Manavi, Mukuzani, Napareuli, Teliani, Tibaani and Tsinandali. A special “feature” of Kakheti is the “Wine Route” road signs, following which you will certainly come to a winery or a wine cellar. The main highlight of the inimitable trip to Georgia is a tasting of the legendary Georgian wines and cheeses.

Georgian night life

Shardeni Street, a must visit for all those who like to enjoy the bright lights at night.

Nightlife is not alien to modern Georgia. Here you will find entertainment for every taste: casinos, nightclubs, raves, restaurants with live music, bars where life boils until the morning to cozy little cafes where you can slowly enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a plate of sliced Georgian cheese.

To know the charm of tourism in hospitable, kind-hearted and hospitable Georgia is exactly what you need.

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