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Frequently Asked Questions by
real estate Investors

As anybody who is in the process of investing in real estate, you are in massive stress since it is one of the most important and risky moves in any person’s life. And let’s be honest – you are desperate to get an honest answer and get a real picture instead of marketing junk. We have the experience & “know-how” to make your real estate investment in Georgia a success.

Our success lies in offering you reliable and efficient property management service that you deserve. Our experience gives us the expertise in local laws, maintenance needs and communications skills. Almost all members of our executive team at some point in time were in the investor position, so we can imagine the struggle. And we all agreed that you have a right to get into these questions and receive answers.

We also know that at the back of your mind, you are having all kinds of questions that are a bit straight and sometimes you can’t even pronounce it without feeling that it may sound impolite or too straight. So, if you don’t mind, we decided to give us a hard time on your behalf. Enjoy!

With all resistance, it is a reality for projects of real estate in Georgia. We can’t be in denial ourselves and mislead our clients who trust us. There are multiple reasons for it and the main are:

1)Poor financial management.

2) Zero planning before the actual start.

3) Construction for 99% of the properties depend on sales.

4) Short term business plan,and quick deals. with no thought given to quality construction, service,and long term relationships.

5) Focus is on quantity rather than quality

6)The emerging justice system and law enforcement.

Due to these reasons, REDIS took into account all possible obstacles for timely implementation of the project and the transfer of real estate to your possession. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee for the early developing stage. You will get your investment back if something goes wrong in the in the first year.

One of the most important aspects is that we begin construction only after we are fully assured that it is 100% capitalized from start to finish. Only once it is secured and capitalized, we start digging. This aspect is protecting you and us at the same time.

Furthermore, this model allows us what we call fast construction. Fast and smooth construction only can happen if all purchase elements, vendors, contractors, management are in place and pre-planned plus if there is 100+% capitalization. This is part of the core of our business approach and this is why it is crucial.

We also secure you in case of delays and included a penalty for such in the agreement.

Yes, bank deposit is one of the ways to go and if you choose the right bank, you most likely will receive a few %.

Investment in real estate in Georgia is an alternative way of another investment in general. It shows that a right investment can provide a much higher return. You can even use the passive income in one property to buy your next property.

We talk about a worst-case scenario not because we plan to have it. But because when we say – our client security is our priority – we mean it and will continue to work in this direction.

On the other hand, there is no other company that takes the responsibility to give you back 100% of your investment if something goes wrong. When everything goes right – your investment potentially will grow 40% in 1 year. In the end, you will receive a super rare, unique product, which grows in value and generates profit.

Albeit, projects by REDIS are unique, at the very minimum, due to its energy efficiency. The limit supply of such products on its own makes a huge difference

The hotel room is business, it is a part of a fully functional hotel. It has necessary aspects such as professional staff and infrastructure. What is most important is that it has to operate all the time to cover expenses and to generate income.

It is an obligation to let the management company run your hotel room. You cannot operate it yourself due to the consistency of service and technical aspects that have to be provided to the guest.

However, with REDIS, you will be able to stay in your hotel room free of cost for 18 days per year (8 days in high season and 10 days in low season). You can easily extend your stay for the discounted fee to cover management expenses. Also, the hotel should have consistent interior and specific standards, and they are sold turnkey only.

The apartment on the other hand can be for business use or can be a home – primary purpose is a second home. So, if your goal is mostly personal usage – then an apartment or cottage is your choice. We also will provide a management company for the private apartments and cottages, so you will be able to generate rental income if you want. You can make renovation on your own or we can provide turnkey in furnished condition as well.

Absolutely no. It is a unique security layer from the REDIS company for you.

Green means that instead of standard methods of heating, cooling or lighting, we will use energy efficient technology for the interior and exterior of the project. You can rely on this home to provide a blanket of comfort for your family throughout the year.

It does not only save you lots of money but is friendly to the environment and significantly decreases pollution. It is truly a unique product for real estate in Georgia. We intend to use ecological construction materials as much as possible, which is less toxic than standard codes. 

Indeed, quality energy efficient technology increases the construction and developing cost. However, because of our budget and timing management we will handle it. 

On top of that, our company’s goal is different from most of the developers in the region. REDIS focuses on the long term business plans. We plan to benefit long term from running the hotels for you, and for that we have to build them. That’s why we are not making fast money from the massive difference between m2 price and the construction cost.

We invest a significant portion in the actual quality and technology because this is what will secure high return in the future. Additionally, this means that you purchase real value instead of artificial imaginary value.

Our long term business model is not focused only on beach tourism. Frankly, beach tourism in Batumi is budget tourism. There are statistics that show that supply even for such tourism is already oversaturated. 

Also, there is an opinion that high-value beach tourism goes to Maldives, Italy and other stunning sandy beaches. Albeit, the sea in Georgia still is a great bonus and an attraction, which brings the vacation atmosphere to Batumi city.

Georgia’s high-value tourists are coming for other reasons – nature, organic food, authentic culture, mountains, skiing, casino, business, history and adventures. REDIS focuses on those, which is the fastest-growing segment in tourism and we plan to benefit from it through real estate in Georgia.

Indeed, we are all looking for high and fast profit – it’s natural. We cannot speak for others, but here is what we can say about us: REDIS has a real long term business plan and our goal is to operate your property. It is our strategically long term profit plan for REDIS. Selling real estate is secondary, operating comes first, even though timing wise it has to be reverse. 

All the distinguishing features of our projects are specifically design to increase demand, uniqueness, rates per night, occupancy, property value and decrease expenses and entry price point for you. REDIS prefer to speak conservatively about profits and overdeliver rather to underdeliver.

REDIS will provide an online platform or mobile app for every owner. There you will be able to see in real-time all financial moves and all operational updates regarding your property. This smart system will be controlled by a computer and can’t be manipulated.

REDIS will provide the best management company for all projects. So, that is out of your to-do list.

Firstly, we will go through all the details with you regarding the product. Once you understand everything, picked the unit/s and are ready to process – it’s straightforward.

You will need a passport to sign the agreement and bank account to make wire transfers. The whole procedure can be done remotely, by email and on phone.

Yes, it’s possible. It will require you to provide documentation for loan approval and customarily accompanied with interest 9-14% annually

REDIS provides internal short term interest-free installment. Conditions for such are 30% down payment. The rest of the amount is spread from 6-12 months depending on the project.

Firstly, get in touch with us. We will go through all the details regarding the available projects. Once you are ready to proceed, you will need only your passport, bank account and email address. It can be done 100% remotely or in person and takes  only 15 minutes.

Then you are immediately a brand new lucky owner of a profitable high-class energy efficient real estate property in Georgia!

If you purchase a hotel room – our management company will automatically handle it for you. If you purchase apartments or cottages, you can use our management company as well, but it doesn’t come automatically. 

We can also advise you to hire an accountant to manage your real estate in Georgia for you. It’s up to you. If you deal with your company, your income tax now will be 5%.

Redis will definitely provide resale services. We can notify our existing database of clients about your for-sale property and provide legal support for the buy-sell deal.

You may hear in Georgia about multiple property types for sales like black frame, white frame, green frame and turnkey. Most companies have slight variations of how they define it.

In REDIS by the turnkey condition we mean – fully furnished, decorated, with technical equipment, paintings on the walls, bedding and towels, therefore, in a complete rent-ready condition.