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Building from the past, planning for the future.

7 years ago all members of REDIS were going the same route as anybody else in Batumi’s emerging market: investing and developing cheap real estate to resell and rent for profit, shooting for 20-30% ROI annually. Huge demand and undersupply played the main role in that reality. Friendly taxes, light regulations for construction, no restriction for foreigners to purchase real estate and social safety made many anxious to own property in Georgia. 

Time went by and naturally flaws of the initial business model “go with the flow” became more and more obvious. Drop in ROI, delayed project delivery, bad maintenance of purchased property and false advertising were some of the challenges faced by the investors. 

Our team brainstormed for months to come up with a logical way out that could avoid this unfortunate circle for investors. We got together all the participants in the investment process that played a crucial role in the success of investment: the developer (builder), the investor (buyer), the management company (rental service) and the tourist (rental client). We looked into every aspect of investment with a 360-degree insight.

Our research showed that the budgeted tourist spent approx. $300 per visit. The real estate category accommodating them was dramatically oversupplied. However, the segment that was rising the fastest and now it’s tens of thousands of people monthly, was the high-value tourist who spent $800 – $1200 per visit. Only 4% of all real estates including hotel rooms catered to this category. This niche remained unoccupied. 

The REDIS team concluded this segment was an opportunity that could offer the potential for “above-average growth”. We took a decision to focus solely on sustainable eco-friendly high-class quality which set us apart from all the rest of the rental market. 

Our management team uses over 7 years of experience in the property investment industry to provide the best service for our clients. They successfully launched 6 projects and a real estate turnover of over $ 8,500,000. Our growth has been driven by referrals from our clients who like the level of personal service we provide and have enjoyed working with us. We are proud of the faith that clients place in us, many of whom have worked with us over many years making multiple investments.

Here at REDIS, we focus on providing a ‘fully managed’ service, and we have expanded to not just cover the purchase of the property but it’s ongoing management, ensuring the property is fully let and delivering a profitable yield. 

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The small and cheap purchased units, aiming to be rented out at $100 per night dropped to $12. The initial goal was to buy cheaper – sell more expensive or rent the property out to generate good profit and get your money back as quickly as possible. 

The opposite was seen in reality where people seem to have purchased property on higher prices but were unable to make a decent passive income from it. Deteriorated due to negligence of after care and low quality materials, properties which were less than 2 years old appeared unattractive old and worn out. This made the visitors prefered to book properties which were new.


The missing link was to assure that the property was maintained well and did not drop in value due to wear and tear when it’s being rented out.

 We also focused solely on sustainable eco-friendly high-class quality which set us apart from all the rest of the rental market along with liquidity advantage in case of reselling. We concluded that the future quality of the service offered to take care of property (renting it out, advertising, managing your finances and maintain the property) will be just as important as location and quality of the construction. 


One of the still prevailing challenges was that the project delivery timing hardly met the scheduled time. Even nowadays when the companies have half of the budget for construction (requirements for the bank is 30%) there is no guarantee that they would get the other 50% as that is completely dependent on sales. 

When construction starts without 100% capitalization for finishing – there is a 50:50 chance of investment coming through and your investment can be stuck in the concrete for a long time or even for good. 7 years ago there were less than 250 rental units in Batumi and today close to 14000, that will be doubled in the next 1-2 years.


REDIS is the only company in Georgia that is Guaranteeing that if in 1 year your investment in the CLOUD stage project is not performing according to the agreement you will receive it back! CLOUD program assures that we have 100% capitalization for the construction and finishing of the project, that is solving timing and delivery issue. In case there is no full capitalization or any other issues that will not allow to start the construction – the investment is refunded. Cloud stage was created for a simple  reason – to protect and secure your capital that we are sure you have worked hard for.

inefficiency in COSTS

Expenses during planning stages of investment projects were higher in cost. Most companies maintained unnecessary expenses that eat up a significant part of the total budget.

These expenses consisted of physical offices, heavy advertising, massive staff support, even land, and more. Consequently, that often resulted in the initial investment being higher than it otherwise should be and can often delay completion, or increase the overall cost of the project due to inefficient budgeting and time management.


Obviously overhead items such as these are eventually required, but here at REDIS we will only take on these expenses after the planning stage has been completed.

Our CLOUD program creates an opportunity for the developer to maintain lower costs for the lead-up and planning stages. Through our commitment to keeping our overheads as low as we possibly can, we provide our investors the benefit of low entry prices along with an increased ROI in the mid to long term.


Finally, residential complexes advertising for luxuries which would bring value to the property like swimming pools, restaurants, shopping malls, GYM, spa , etc.

In many cases this was simply absent or falsely advertised. This could be due to improper planning stage where in the investor is not involved or due to crafty salesmanship. 


Investing in one or more of our projects at its Cloud stage means you are coming in whilst all the work is in the pre-construction stage of the project. It is essential for investors to understand that this is an early point of the project. All aspects of the process and the contract between investors and REDIS are legally covered according to Georgian legislation. During the next 6-12 months, the project goes through the planning: land hunting, structural adjustments, gaining government permits stages, and more. After 6-12 months the construction phase begins in earnest, this is the point where the investment price will rise by 40%.