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Vision of REDIS

The vision of REDIS is to build long-term, respectful and safe investment opportunities. We look at creating a stable investment real estate climate in Georgia by developing a sought-after high-class sustainable and eco-green segment.

We are passionate about providing the extra value that others simply will not. Integrity and consistently impressive results are the core signature of our service. 

Our collaborative spirit and desire to grow are helping us achieve the goals we set. We make the clients we serve to feel special, creating raving fans and help them truly win. We will succeed because we will not let our clients fail.

Nina Tretiakova, Chief Director at REDIS

Nina Tretiakova, Chief Director at REDIS
Nina Tretiakova, Chief Director at REDIS

The Redis people

The team which will lead you through the challenges
between your current reality and future success

Redis’s strong and stable team with exceptional technical understanding will generate continual value and a clear competitive advantage for all our investors. We strive to build long term relationships by not only being there during the investment phase but further by offering the best services of managing your property.  

Meet the team that is proud of their past 7 years of work together and what they have achieved. Even prouder of what’s to come!

Nina Tretiakova, Chief Director at REDIS



Hi! I’m Nina Tretiakova – chief director and investing real estate expert with 6 years of experience in the field, launched multiple multi-million projects. Now I’m glad to deploy all efforts and skills to develop EE and eco in Georgia.

I’m also a casual literature lover and partly a writer so, don’t hesitate to share your favorite book, I might like it too!

Lola Khoneli, Financial & tax adviser



Hi, I’m Lola Khoneli – financial and tax adviser who has above 35 years in the field. I’m part of the modern Georgia development and now happy to support REDIS due to our rich history.

I have a huge Georgian family and time to time treating them with traditional supra, google it, and you’re welcome to the table!

Nadeja Zakhareva, Green technology adviser



Hello, I’m Nadejda Zakhareva – EE and green technologies adviser with more than 10 years of experience, and now my goal is to improve lifestyle for people who invest in Georgia with REDIS.

BTW, I’m a happy mother of 2 beautiful children, maybe that’s why environmental issues are so crucial for me.

Mamuka Kobaladze, Knauf technology expert at REDIS


Knauf technology expert

Hi, I’m Mamuka Kobaladze – an expert in Knauf technology with 10 years of experience. REDIS allows me to maximize my knowledge and make people’s homes energy-efficient.

Like any other job, mine is bringing stress, because I’m responsible for people’s future, so I love caring for my push tangerine garden, and it gives me strength.

Maksym Malieiev, Construction engineer at REDIS


construction engineer

Hi, I’m Maksym Malieiev – a construction engineer with 15 years of experience in a variety of real estate projects, interior and core works. And I’m super excited to participate in green development with REDIS!

Out of work time (approx. 1 hour per week), I like to take the hand of my wife and simple walk or play on my antique accordion.

Mariya Sharayeva, Green tech expert & head of sales at REDIS


green tech expert & head of sales

Hi, I’m Maryia Sharayeva – a green tech expert and head of sales for REDIS. Here I am always at your service and will make sure to create for you secure, and enjoyable investing experience.

In addition, I am passionate about traveling. I love discovering new places and meeting people from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting you too!

Rezo Rostovsky, Specialist in wooden building materials and roofing at REDIS


specialist in wooden building materials and roofing

Hi, I’m Rezo Rostovsky – a specialist in wooden building materials and roofing. I am Georgian and thrilled that REDIS brings eco-friendly technologies to Georgia.

Outside of work, I value my friends and family, I love meeting guests, visiting historical places, and occasionally participating in the choir.

Dilkush Infaas, architectural designer at REDIS


architectural designer

Hi, I’m Dilkush Infaas – an architectural designer with years of experience, 8 residential and commercial projects on my portfolio. Thanks to REDIS I’m able to perform my professional skills in meaningful projects.

Even though the architecture is my primary occupation, I am also a tattoo artist and a pretty good singer as well, so my friends are never bored with me!