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Great value for the money. Balance between the size of investment and ownership pride.

A “passive house” is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling through the use of passive energy saving methods. 

A passive house consumes on average about 30 to 90% less energy consumed by most office buildings.

When we discovered this location, nobody from the REDIS team could keep the emotions down. 

2300 sq.m. of land that looking at the small river on its one side and the quiet town road on another. Laying in a shallow valley with no amount of humidity and surrounded by gorgeous Georgian lush green nature. You can have the luxury of breath freely freshest oxygen and yet be just in a 20 min drive from Batumi city, that’s well known to be busy and full of modern life: skyscrapers, nightlife, shopping, restaurants and the coast of a Black Sea.

It’s gonna be only 6 private cottages on this spot, each property will include free land, 2 parking spots and your own private access to the natural river of a sweet-water.

It will combine into a modern community that appreciates a healthy environment, spending days in nature, and is set among the stunning mountains and yet just in 20 min to the sea breeze, hustle-bustle of the big city. 

Life is not about compromises – you can have it all with Wild Horse Cottages.

The low initial cost from the developer, the empty niche and the demand for modern private eco-houses besides with unique location, provide the investor with the prospect of high liquidity and stable growth in the value of this type of real estate on the market.

Our luxury cottages with modern building standards with money-saving sustainable technologies are your key to a successful investment in Georgia.

Map and video of the location

sustainable stylish COTTAGES

A passive house is a structure, the main feature of which is low energy consumption through the use of passive energy-saving methods.

*Pictures below are inspirational and taken from the internet. Actual Wild Horse Cottages will be developed as close as possible to these ideas in the count with a land, size and budget limits, reduction and improvements. For details please, contact our team.

details of the project

Project Features

Investor's choice


Prices are for a white frame condition. Prices includes the land.

Cottage #
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95 m2
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№ 2
145 m2
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№ 3
145 m2
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№ 4
145 m2
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№ 5
145 m2
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№ 6
145 m2
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Wild horse cottages

2 spots for each unit


2 levels

The cottage itself consists of 2 levels

3 bedrooms, 3 baths

2 Bedrooms and 2 baths located on 2nd level. 3d bedroom, sauna, shared bath, cabinet, kitchen, living room and storage - on the 1st floor.


Each property has private access to a river

Sollar thermal collector

For hitting and hot water


Private deck plus from 330 sq.m of the land

The deck will be equipped for a bbq and you get to own from 330 sq.m of land

Land Plans

location of the project on a plot of land
location of the project on a plot of land 1

Cottage's Floor plans

Floor plan for standard cottage
Floor plan for tiny cottage